AQ-S214 Alarm and indication IED

AQ-S214 alarm and indication IED can be applied for substation general I/O extension, control and alarm annunciation. Up to six I/O cards can be inserted depending on application requirements. Easy to use and powerful logic programming expands further the application range to more demanding control, alarm and indication needs. Large freely programmable HMI display provides quick visualization of the object, alarm and event status. The AQ-S214 communicates using various protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard.



  • Dynamic view of up to 48 digital or analogue alarms
  • Unit provides flexible and easy assignation of digital signals to local alarm window, output relays and communication protocols.
  • Output relays can be activated by individual alarm signals or grouped.
  • Six available I/O card slots enable large quantities of signals.

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  • Controllable objects: 10
  • 16 programmable LEDs, adaptive for up to 48 alarms
  • Digital inputs: 3 (standard)
  • Output relays: 5+1 (standard)
  • Options (6 slots):
  • Digital inputs optional: +8/16/24/32/40/48
  • Digital outputs optional: +5/10/15
  • 2 x mA input + 6-8 x RTD input (max 2 cards)
  • Communication media (specified below)
  • Non-volatile event records: 15000
  • RJ 45 Ethernet 100Mb (front standard)
  • RJ 45 Ethernet 100Mb and RS 485 (rear standard)
  • Double LC Ethernet 100Mb (option)
  • Double LC Ethernet 100Mb (option)
  • RS 232 + serial fibre PP/PG/GP/GG (option)
  • Communication protocols
  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 608705103/101/104
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP
  • DNP 3.0, DNP 3.0 over TCP/IP
  • SPA