At Arcteq we design and manufacture the most accurate power grid protection in the world. We work hard every day to ensure that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.

Here are a couple of examples to prove our point.


Intermittent Earth Fault Protection


The short story

Underground cabling makes distribution networks them less vulnerable to disturbances, but also leads to higher earth fault currents. Networks are compensated with Petersen coils to keep earth fault currents on lower levels. A typical intermittent earth-fault is a 0.05–1 millisecond self-extinguishing flash-over fault, from phase to ground, sending heavy transient spikes into the electric network. Traditional non-intermittent directional earth fault protection is unable to operate correctly in this type of fault, since it is typically based into FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) processing results based on fundamental frequency RMS values.

The Arcteq patented solution for intermittent earth fault protection, combined with the accurate measurement in the relay, detects and isolates these types of faults with revolutionary reliability. Several field tests at customer sites prove that our solution really works.


Ultra accurate measurement


The short story

Arcteq is the first protection relay manufacturer in the world to supply a protection relay with 0.2s measurement accuracy.  The accuracy makes any additional measuring devices obsolete and enables great savings in the substation automation system – both from an equipment and installation point of view. To make maximum use of the high accuracy and optimize savings in the substation installations, we have developed a current transformer that can do 0.2s and 5p10 in one device.

Accurate measurements combined with the 3.2 kHz sampling frequency enable:

  • Power quality analysis – harmonics, THD and disturbance recording
  • Powerful disturbance recorder with up to 64 samples per cycle sampling rate



Generator Commander


The short story

Generator Commander is an innovation combining generator protection and control into one unit. Compared to traditional systems with several separate units and software, Generator Commander saves considerable hours of engineering time. Operation is smooth as there is only one interface to the system.

Now you can set and configure the whole generator control and protection package with one tool. Our customers also appreciate that the Generator Commander package only takes about 25 % of the installation space compared to traditional solutions.