Protection Relays

Arcteq's AQ 300 and AQ 200 series high performance protection IEDs are developed to cover any transmission or distribution network protection and control application. This high performance product line offers a variety of solutions for line distance and differential protection, distributed or centralized busbar protection, machine protection and feeder protection.

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Arc Flash Protection

Arcteq's AQ 100 series offers a complete solution for arc flash protection. The AQ 100 is designed utilising top of the line technology with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. It's built to meet the growing demands in both LV and MV switchgear and controller applications, ranging from basic stand-alone to more complex system solutions.

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Smart Grid

The AQ 200 series includes devices that are designed especially for metering, control and data acquisition making grids smarter. Accurate measurements, power quality analysis with harmonics, THD and a powerful disturbance recording with up to 64 samples per cycle sampling rate cater to the increasing need of accurate and live grid information.


CERN valitsi markkinoiden edistyksellisimmät suojareleet


Sveitsissä toimiva Euroopan hiukkastutkimuskeskus CERN on uusimassa tutkimuslaitoksensa sähkönsyötön automatiikan ja suojareleet seuraavan viiden vuoden aikana. Teknisen arvioinnin ja monivaiheisen...

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Arcteq made a contract with CERN for delivery of the most advanced protection relays on the market


CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is within the next five years renewing the protection relays for the electricity...

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Arcteq customer day 21.3.2917


The Arcteq Finnish customers got to experience the new AQ 250 product family at Arcteq customer day We at Arcteq...

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Arcteq Verkostomessuilla / Network 2017 exhibition


TERVETULOA VERKOSTOMESSUILLE 2017  / WELCOME TO NETWORKS 2017 EXHIBITION Tampereen messukeskus 25-26.1.2017 Osasto / Stand A133 UUSI AQ 250 SARJA...

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Arcteq protects Taiwan’s longest tunnel

Arcteq was selected as a relay supplier for Hsueshan Tunnel retrofit project in Taiwan. This Asia’s second longest and world’s sixth longest tunnel...

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Wind power substations protected by Arcteq

Torkkola wind power station Arcteq’s AQ 300 and AQ 200 series protection and control IEDs and AQ 100 arc protection...

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Port of Stockholm, Sweden

Arcteq AQ 200 series IEDs and AQ 100 series arc protection systems are applied in Stockholm’s main Port, Värtahamnen. Arcteq...

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More than 2,000 relays supplied to TNB Malaysia

Arcteq has been supplying more than 2,000 arc protection relays to Southeast Asia’s largest power utility, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (commonly...

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The largest Finnish distribution utility selects Arcteq

Caruna distribution utility selected Arcteq AQ-F215, AQ-T216 and AQ-T215 feeder and transformer protection and control IEDs to their Väisälänmäki 110/20kV...

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